Take this Japanese love doll as your wife

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Love doll are called works of art by many collectors.























s many of you know, the divorce rate in our country is getting higher and higher, and usually after divorce we go to the next one, but this time the man who spoke was different. He desperately needs three divorced women. Now delete all friends of the opposite sex from your account, except your parents.

But as everyone knows, despite the desperation about the opposite sex, there is still a physical need. So the man spent tens of thousands of dollars on a love doll, and since then he has treated the love doll as if it were his own, not only as his wife, but as if it were so good that I not only bought her a lot of clothes, but also a wardrobe just for her. He spent a lot of money on a nice outfit. The man actually talks to the sex doll a lot, but it feels strange.

But my neighbor does not know why, so I understand. The man was good, but he found his three wives who betrayed him and even arrested him on the spot.

man sex doll
However, a year after the man bought the child, he found that it had health problems and went to the hospital to have a brain tumor examined. It was hard for the man, he was a good person and had a regular routine, but why did he have a tumor? The doctor said it was likely exposure to formaldehyde-containing items. The man suspected that RealDoll was most likely defective, and finally the quality was checked and found to contain formaldehyde, which turned out to be really bad! Now the man broke down, found and cheated on three women, found a baby, and finally gave up his life. What do you think of this? Comments are encouraged.

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