Taiwanese couple orders silicone sex doll with photo of their deceased daughter

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E Da, a well-known reviewer of erotic products in Taiwan. His own job is to send him the latest products from manufacturers, and he writes an article to inform them of the areas that need improvement and the experiences that consumers can have. Right now it seems to be going well, from the initial reading of a few people to the current recommendations in the hundreds of thousands, he has achieved a lot of success in this particular industry.




He told me that he had been approached by various manufacturers and customers, and it was not surprising that he had encountered many inquiries, but there had been only one customer whose inquiry had impressed him, hereinafter referred to as Mr. Luo.

About four years ago, he was approached by Mr. Law who was interested in E University’s article on silicone sex doll, and they wrote to each other on the chat app. And Mr. Law’s wish was a customized doll, where every little detail had to be made exactly according to the person’s wishes.

During the conversation, Mr. Luo unabashedly sent a photo of a fairly young girl of the size he wanted, about 1 meter. E Da didn’t think much of it, nor was he in a position to ask about the customer’s privacy, but simply assumed that Mr. Luo was a lolicon, and only came back to try to help with the process, and then hastily ended the conversation.

In the chat app round, we get to know Mr. Law for who he is. As he stood on the golf course, with his silver-rimmed glasses and loyal, honest smile, the collar of his white polo shirt and his neatly combed middle parting, the contrast between the surface and the private side of his face quickly made him memorable.

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After providing the factory with the photo, the manufacturer began making the molds with its usual diligence, but the factory needed proof of Mr. Luo’s relationship with the girl in the photo before he could officially begin producing the appearance. The factory invited him to inspect the basic framework and make sure it was in order before moving on to the next step of production.

That afternoon, Mr. Law drove to my studio. To my surprise, he brought his wife to see the film! When he saw the semi-finished product, he immediately picked up the doll and said it was much heavier than he had expected. It was explained at the factory that the doll has a steel frame like a human bone, and there was also talk about adjusting the center of gravity to make it easier to hold, but halfway through the story, Mrs. Law was crying, and Mr. Law hurried to put the doll down and take his wife to the car to calm her down before going in alone after a while.

“The doll we wanted to order was actually our daughter who passed away.

For a long time, the couple could not come to terms with the fact that a car accident a few years ago left their 10-year-old daughter behind. One day, after Mr. Luo saw the introduction of physical dolls online, he discussed with his wife that he wanted to order his daughter home, and she was initially against it, but nodded after several messages.

The doll was soon ready, and the couple took her home to care for her. From time to time, we saw Mr. and Mrs. Law showing photos of their daughter in their circle.

Through this story, you can actually understand that there are now more consumers buy physical dolls at home than expected, and E Da also said that his colleagues plus his own side of the production of more than 10 per month, and other channels he does not know how much more.

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