Surreal functional robot sex doll

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Robot sex dolls are becoming increasingly important and manufacturers are claiming that their products are so lifelike and even marrying them. Britain’s first doll brothel opened earlier this year, although it closed in Italy. You need to know all about this growing phenomenon.

What is a sex robot?
Robots have built our cars, cleaned our homes, and made food – now manufacturers are offering realistic and moving dolls for “private pleasure.” Sex robots are essentially realistic love doll real with complex movements that can imitate humans and make them fidget. Sex robots have surreal features like a built-in heater that can create a warm body sensation. They also have sensors that can respond to your touch. The 【】 website offers you a head that can talk, smile and sing for the robot sex doll, and the Enid sex doll is the first to make an “emotional connection.” Experts say that these specialized robots will appear in ordinary families in the next ten years, when lonely people find love.

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