Stories of guests experiencing a sex doll (part 2)

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Silicone doll makeup artist: Jessica 29 years old
Who says men don’t like it when women wear makeup?












The two nail salons I run are near Aeolus, and since late last year I’ve been coming here every two or three days to do makeup on dolls for $10 a pop.

The difference between the sex dolls before and after makeup can be enormous. Who says men don’t like women who wear makeup? If the sex doll is not made up, the customer will run downstairs specially and tell the boss that the sex doll does not look good at all, so creepy.

I usually give love doll makeup first foundation, then blush, then lipstick and eyebrow pencil, and finally false eyelashes and eye shadow, 7 silicone sex dolls in about half an hour to make up.

At the beginning of the five silicone sex doll are three or four hours, because it is a silicone material, and the human face is not quite the same, sometimes the doll’s makeup can not be done, a pile of face, like a long pimple, I have to help wipe it off and start again.

Later, when I became more practiced, I found that the lipstick for sex dolls should be of higher quality than that for humans, otherwise it will not hold. The glue used to put the false eyelashes on the high quality sex dolls is shoe patch glue, otherwise it won’t stick and can scratch our realistic dolls, I’ve already scratched one.

“How can a man play with something like that?” I am very confused.

In fact, I do not have this money lack of sex doll makeup half curiosity, half is to love the owner of the store to help. When this store first opened, it caused a stir throughout our neighborhood, and the guests who came to our store to wash their faces and do their nails asked Ai Ai Le what exactly they do. At that time, the store displayed only four sex dolls in underwear, which from a distance people also thought were real people. Some say the store sells underwear, others say it engages in illegal sex trade, still others say it sells inflatable dolls.

If there wasn’t a “no trespassing” sign on the door, me and a few friends had been wanting to stop by to see it for a long time. Coincidentally, the store had a makeup shortage in the latter half of last year, and I purposely asked. Before I walked up the stairs, the salesperson told me to mentally prepare myself because a lot of people are shocked the first time they see it.

Then when I went upstairs, the lights weren’t even on on the second floor, and five sex dolls were sitting in the room like female ghosts. I went back and told the guests that the sex dolls here, whether they are mini sex dolls, small breast sex doll, big breasted sex dolls or sex doll robots, offer sexual services. Everyone laughed out loud and thought it was strange that someone could come and play with them. Others said they would rather accept men going to prostitutes than men playing with sex dolls.

In fact, I am considered more forward thinking, I gave birth to a child when I was 20 and he is now 9. My ex-husband divorced me to raise him alone. For a friend’s birthday I gave her erotica as a gift.

If a man is curious to play now and then, I can understand. The factory itself and fewer women, many have gone to do service industry, and now women are so realistic, a little worse than the men can not find a girlfriend. Our nail salon is dimly lit, I and a few friends sit there to see the store, there are often men come in to ask if it is engaged in the sex trade, and even a man came in and did not leave.

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