Some sex dolls have no oral function, which is equivalent to missing a game mode.

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The jelly tpe is soft to the touch, and the silicone is harder to enter the state. However, the silicone head is generally more delicate than the tpe.

Many players said that too small height is not fun, but too high too much weight to play. Don’t look at what the manufacturer says is 60 catties, 70 catties, you actually hold it, because the doll will not adjust the center of gravity by itself, and it seems to be heavier than a real person of the same size.

Because of the weight is too large, some postures can use some auxiliary equipment, such as cylindrical pillows, and straps. But I find it troublesome and haven’t really tried it.

If the hip circumference is too large, it may cause inaccessibility from some postures from the back, unless you are 30cm long.

Some dolls have no oral function, which is equivalent to missing a game mode.

Cute And Big Breasts Youngest Mini Sex Doll Nuru 105cm 3ft 4

Doll size
·Height:3ft 4 / 105cm
·Weight:35.2Lbs / 15kg
·Upper bust * waist * hip:24in*14.9in*25.1in / 61cm*38cm*64cm
·Hand length:14.5in / 37cm
·Foot length:6.2in / 16cm
·Shoulder width:9.8in / 25cm
·Leg length:18.8in / 48cm
·Thigh circumference:13.3in / 34cm

Nuru is a sexy mini sex doll

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