Some Mini Sex Dolls Are More Artistic Than Other Dolls I Widely Recognize

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But indeed, they do not have the same value. This is just art. We feel the passion of the artist through his work. I am registering here because I have questions about repairs. And I’m not very good at this stain. Some Mini Sex Doll have more artistic or economic value than other dolls that I widely recognize, but many of us have low-end dolls like me, but this does not prevent us from loving them.

If you can tell us more about how to buy dolls, few people dare to go through the buying process in the United States. Then your testimony will also be welcome. I saw two ways to solve your repair problem. Include a speech to your salesperson so that he can provide you with a silicone repair kit. In principle, the repair kit is provided with the doll for repairs, and it is very easy. I myself finished it with liquid silicone and hardener. of.

The second is to ask for a silicone sample and compare it to your doll (color). If it’s a miracle, is it the same or almost the same, please order the repair kit they sent for troubleshooting, just like they Did the same for me. Repair is easy because the product takes time to dry. The biggest problem is finding silicones of the same color! I am 30 years old and a newbie in the field of Mini Sex Dolls. I have this desire to try, but I am afraid of being disappointed and putting money in a short-term mood.

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