Six ways to Dispose of Sex Dolls

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Six ways to Dispose of Sex Dolls


Sex dolls have become the ultimate item for male masturbation, and we have witnessed the popularity of sex dolls in recent years.I’m sure those of you who own a sex doll will understand. You know what they look like and how cute they are.But no matter how much you love your sex doll, there comes a time when you have to say goodbye to her.


If you’re looking for a way to say goodbye (or dispose of) the Sex Doll you’ve spent so much time with, this page is for you. From now on, I’ll be giving you a thorough explanation of this!

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1.Chop it up into small pieces and throw it away as garbage.


The material of the Sex Doll’s skin (elastomer or silicone). Let’s cut the elastomer into small pieces so that it won’t cost money and no one will notice. It takes a little time, but if you wrap it in newspaper, you don’t need to worry about anyone finding out that you are throwing it away.Don’t just throw her in a garbage bag and call it a day. Some people might think she’s a body and it’s not very good for the environment either. Either way, someone might just bring her back to you with a complaint or fine. Now you’re stuck with a stinky sex doll you don’t want and probably some air time on the local news channel. Your best bet is to inquire into recycling options either by contacting sex doll suppliers in which case they might dispose of it for free (even give you some money if you’re lucky) or find a way to legally throw her away/recycle with a waste disposal company. In this case mention the material the doll is made of (Metal, Silicone, TPE or both) and to avoid getting into an awkward situation, call it a mannequin instead of an immobile shagging queen.  If you don’t feel like doing these things, you can always do the easy thing and throw it in your neighbor’s trash can. We do not recommend this option unless your neighbors are the show writers of Game of Thrones.


However, it will feel a little cruel when you cut it. Because it’s in human form, and it’s been with us for a long time.So cruel and take plenty of time!


2.Give it to someone


If you can do this, it will be a win-win thing.


No matter how heartless you are, you can’t simply chop up and throw away a cute doll that you paid $1,000 or so to finally get. But if you give it to someone you know, you can get rid of your unwanted doll for free. The person you know will also get the doll for free. What a wonderful thing.Now all I have to do is find someone I know who wants a used sex doll.It’s hard to say, How would you like to have my used sex doll? That might be a little hard to say, but…


But if you can, it’s the most perfect way to dispose of them!


3.Prank people


This is the most fun way to get rid of your realistic sex doll.The choice is on you,if you don’t mind your friends know you have a sex doll.You can also chop it up and do some decoration,make her more creepy and scary.Prank someone with a sex doll is fun,be sure to hide your camera to take a video so you can laugh all the time or even put the video on the Internet.Maybe put a few egg soaked dollar bills inside her pussy and watch if people have the guts to take it out.Halloween is the best time to make it,use her head of body to scare people,or just put her in your yard,it will be scary for sure,drop some blood would be perfect!  


4.Dispose of it as bulky waste for a fee


You can dispose of sex dolls as large dolls in the same way as mannequins, by paying for oversize garbage.You can ask the local government or a waste collection company to collect the trash.


The local government will collect them at a lower price, which is attractive, but the time and place will be specified, which may not be convenient for you. When I say “location specific,” I mean that you have to take the sex doll to the designated location. Sex dolls are generally very heavy, so carrying them can be a challenge. Furthermore, the sex dolls will stay in that place for a long time until the local government collector comes. It’s likely that an unknown person sees it, it may have a negative impact. Therefore, it is better to pack them well by yourself.Compared to this, when you ask a waste disposal company, you can choose the date, time, and place as long as they are available 24 hours a day. If you want to get rid of it immediately, you can collect it on the same day. However, the cost of disposal will be higher than that of the local government.You can say goodbye to them completely, but it will cost you a lot of money and be troublesome!


5.Sell them as used goods on the Internet


If you sell your sex dolls on the internet, you can make some money instead of spending money on disposal.The only disadvantage is that the maximum packing weight for a doll is 25 kilograms, and if the doll weighs more than 25 kilograms, it cannot be sold.Further more,it’s a little difficult to find a buyer if your price were not friendly.But it’s also very convenient because you can easily operate it with your smartphone.


6.Bury your sex dolls


For the truly romantic, burying your sex doll is the only way to go. The problem with this way is being perceived as a killer by your neighbor.It will be more embarrassing if some one call the police.

So if you do bury sex doll. maybe consider burying a tree on top of her to make it seem like your just planting trees and not bodies.Not only did you honor your silicone wife but you also continued the circle of life. From her passing, a strong beautiful tree will rise. It might be a titty tree or a pussy tree, but one thing is for certain, that is going to be one damn sexy tree. Don’t forget to water that beautiful tree and be proud as you are the seed planter. That hardwood came from your hardwood.


The above is a summary of the six ways to dispose of a sex doll this time. Sex dolls are surprisingly easy to dispose of, and if you know how to do it, it will give you one last push towards purchasing one.

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