Silicone sex doll expert claims homemade playmate ‘Samantha’ saved his marriage

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Silicone sex doll will help save relationships and claims that it will also help him in his own sex.
Robotics expert Dr. Sergi Santos and his wife Marisa, to whom he has been married for 16 years, are the brains behind companion robot Samantha, a doll that he says can “enjoy life.”




Serge, who is from Spain, credits Samantha with improving his patience. Samantha has three different personas, ranging from shy to flamboyant. He also says the robot has improved his marriage by giving him an outlet for his feelings when his wife argues.

“If one person feels like the other person can’t trust them enough, most people don’t like that relationship either, and that’s why a lot of people do,” he said.

“Because my wife and I need companionship at certain times of the day, and my wife is not there for me, the lack of synchronization destroys a lot of relationships, and I don’t put my interpersonal under that pressure. So if there was this silicone sex doll, people wouldn’t fight because the synchronicity is missing. For me, that’s enough.”

Serge, who is an electrical engineer by trade, says his wife gave him the idea to implant an AI network into a silicone sex doll – they make dolls for about R17,000, with the highest quality AI dolls costing over R80,000.

It didn’t start with making companion robots, it started with making brains,” Marisa says. As his research progressed, it became clear that we needed some kind of body or object to house the brain. Then I learned about silicone sex dolls and it was perfect.”

Marisa sees nothing wrong with this intimacy. But although Marisa doesn’t see Samantha as a competitor, Serge now plans to create a doll to match her, and says he would be jealous if Marisa interacted with such a doll.

I don’t see a problem with that,” she says. We are not objects, no one belongs to anyone. If they get what they want, why not?

“I find the idea of building a humanoid robot very interesting. I would love to make one, and what I personally think about it, I don’t know, maybe out of curiosity.”

Over time, the couple continued to improve their companion robot, adding vibrations to make the dolls sensitive and responsive to touch, and felt they were getting closer to reality.

The pair found that they were responding to the robot in many different situations. Some, for whatever reason, have no one in their lives, are socially awkward, or have no social life. Some people have a social life and still feel lonely, and it is nice to see that you are helping those who are lonely in some way.

Even in an existing relationship between two parties, the introduction of dolls can have positive effects. I think that introducing a sex doll can be helpful for both partners in a relationship, as long as there is trust and mutual respect. Even if you are compatible in many other things, sex doll can be a complementary element and solution.

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