Silicone or TPE MINI SEX DOLL?

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Although there are also plastic and latex love dolls, at the moment these two materials for doll’s skin dominate the market: silicone and TPE. Which one is the best choice?

Will you be surprised if the answer is “It depends”?

Right on the start, this must be said: just like any other product, the quality of used material and the final product can vary a lot from model to model and from manufacturer to manufacturer. All opinions and comparisons in this article are for medium and high-quality dolls.

If you pay your silicone doll much under expected price for a TPE doll, don’t expect much ?

Let’s start with TPE (short from Thermoplastic Elastomer). TPE is a new, modern material, a mixture of rubber and plastic.

Compared to silicone it is more flexible and even after repeated stretching, it returns to its original shape. It is also softer in touch, feels better. Boobs and ass are sexy bouncy on “impact”. So TPE is more realistic as a skin.

Because it’s more elastic, TPE dolls can be used in more extreme positions than you would like to try with your silicone doll.

And TPE is much cheaper than silicone – must probably the most important difference between them.

Silicone is much more resistant to sun, heat, warm water, water in general, scratches, stains, and… everything else you can think of. It is also not sticky on touch as TPE is.

Some people prefer the feeling of silicone vagina to one made of TPE but you must test it and make the decision for yourself ?

Cleaning, care and maintenance are much easier and your doll lasts longer with less effort. TPE is not even close.

Because silicone MINI SEX DOLLs are more expensive, manufacturers usually use better materials for the skeleton of silicone models than for TPE models. Or add extra features to differentiate it as a higher class model.

For the same reason, manufacturers put more effort into details on the doll: eyes, lips, vagina, hair, nails… So some premium silicone dolls (from some distance) look almost like a real thing.

And the winner is…
It depends ?

If you don’t have much money to spend, a TPE love doll is for you.

If the skin on touch should feel real and soft, and you adore to see breasts bouncing while you’re pumping her, again TPE is your choice.

But if you want to keep the doll for a long time and don’t want to spend much time and effort on cleaning and care – choose silicone dolls.

If visually doll should be as real as possible, with all little detail perfectly realistic – again silicone dolls are the better choice.

And if you want any feature or state-of-the-art technology used just in high-class dolls – most probably you will find it just in silicone models.

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