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I placed the order on October 12, shipped it on November 14 and received it on November 20. I’m in New York, USA.

Express delivery is fast and the packaging is good. The disadvantage is that the freight is too expensive now
Xiaoqian is the top makeup, 163cm silicone, blue eyes and brown hair. Excluding freight 11000RMB. Although I have seen many factory photos and videos, I was very excited when I received Xiaoqian

Xiaoqian is really beautiful!!! It’s exactly the goddess in my mind

Pick the point.

What I am satisfied with is that the realistically painted blood vessels are obvious on the chest and inner thigh

I also like the color and texture of the palm and the overall shape of the hand.

However, there is a small disadvantage. The belly of the ten hands feels a little wrinkled, not so smooth

Get ready to wash her hair and take a bath

After taking a bath, I powdered it and didn’t get too much oil. I haven’t felt bad smell since I unpacked it. However, although the doll has little oil and no taste, it still has to fill the powder frequently, otherwise it won’t feel so smooth.

On the whole, there is no big problem. This is my first doll. I can’t compare it with other dolls.

If I find any shortcomings in the future, I will add them again.

No more nonsense. Here are the cospaly photos of bunny and Secretary taken in these two days.

Mengxin is trying to take photos for the first time. I hope you will share your photography skills and let me learn.

Rabbit girl cospaly




























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