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Mini Sex Doll + Should you eat semen | Best Sex Dolls ❤️

Mini Sex Doll + Should you eat semen

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The ancients believed that semen is very magical and precious things, there is a “one drop of essence, ten drops of blood”. Nowadays, semen has emerged as a beauty, nutrition, treatment of gynecological diseases and even cancer prevention rumors. So is sperm really edible? Ate real size sexual dolls true hairdressing?

To do that, let’s first look at its composition.

Semen mainly consists of sperm and semen serous fluid silicone sexual doll. Sperm is produced by the testicle, sex doll head and seminal plasma is secreted by the prostate, seminal vesicle and bulbula glands. Spermatozoa accounted for about 5% and the rest was spermatoplasma. Semen is used to provide energy for the sperm so they can swim. Semen also helps the sperm to enter the woman’s body. Semen is alkaline, which reduces the acidity of the vagina to protect the sperm.

Are semen and sperm nutritious?
Semen may look nutritious, adult silicone doll but it’s actually very low in nutrients and more than 96 percent water. Sorry to say, milk, soy milk than semen nutritional value is much higher. So, spermatozoon and seminal fluid, edible do not have apparent nutrition value, the action that does not have hairdressing more.

Semen can contain germs
Look from the composition, there is no germ in healthy semen, although semen is eaten to have no harm to human body, real erotic dolls to transform can add a little bit of nutrition, but also do not have the effect of hairdressing and composition. Especially when individual men have inflammation, semen bacteria may be transmitted to women through the mouth.

And studies have shown that human semen contains 27 viruses. Among the sexually transmitted diseases are AIDS, syphilis, gonorrhea, adult silicone doll condyloma acuminatum, genital herpes or hepatitis B. These viruses have a strong infectivity, can be said to be a person sick, the whole family suffer.

As a reference, normal semen is milky white, light yellow, or colorless. Semen is gray, after self-liquefying, it is translucent milky white, sex kids girls the person who has not ejaculated for a long time can be slightly light yellow. If semen does not liquefy 30 minutes after ejaculation, it is considered abnormal.
For health reasons, it is not recommended to eat sperm, but if you have a special interest, you can make your own judgment based on the color of the sperm

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