Should You Buy a Sex Doll If You’re a Virgin?

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Over the years in our business we’ve seen a few discussion forum posts and received inquires from curious people about if it’s a good idea for a virgin to purchase a sex doll before trying sex with a real woman. We maintain that it is a personal decision and there is no definitive answer, but we have made an attempt to discuss some points and counter-points below for those people to consider.

The initial thought we had was that buying a sex doll could be considered taking the “easy way out”. Perhaps owning a beautiful sex doll and having on-demand realistic sex whenever you want will stunt your motivation to ever find a real partner. This might not be the case for everyone but someone that has a low/medium level of sex drive and perhaps some anxiety about meeting real woman, they might be happy with just their doll. Once can imagine a scenario where a guy who is not so great looking could have sex with a 10/10 sex doll every night or he could bust his ass and wallet trying to date women equal to his physical attractiveness and maybe have sex with a less than ideal real woman once a month.

The other side to this point however is that perhaps using a sex doll will help a virgin get more comfortable with intimacy. Perhaps after a few romps with a realistic doll, sex with a real woman won’t seem like so much of a big deal and it will happen easier. Last minute nerves or hesitation can really kill the mood sometimes, and a sex doll can alleviate that. Not to mention erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation from over eagerness on your first time, a sex doll can help you avoid those.

It is also much less risky, and in some countries much more legal, than visiting a prostitute to get over your first-time jitters.

Another potential negative of buying a sex doll as a virgin could be that it will repel sexual partners who are turned-off by society’s stigma of sex dolls. One can imagine the trope of a successful date night, things are heating up, the woman comes back to your apartment, only to be greeted by your sex doll and the next scene is here fleeing the scene. Although, stigma’s are changing rapidly and today’s younger people are more open to various types of sexual gratification, you may still run the risk of this happening.

A virgin sex doll owner could avoid this however with various discreet storage methods such as a storage case or a hanging kit to safely keep the doll in a closet. One could also purchase a smaller doll which is easier to store. If the your relationship progress with a woman, you can even consider getting rid of your sex doll before she finds out about it. At the very least discreet storage will buy you time to introduce your sex doll at a later date rather than night 1.

1Our Bias Opinion

In our obvious bias opinion we think that all virgins that are apprehensive about sex should definitely consider purchasing a sex doll. The future is not guaranteed, sex now is better than sex tomorrow. As we’ve all learned in the past year, life can change quickly so you might as well get some gratification today if it’s bothering you. As we mentioned above you can always just get rid of your sex doll if you decide to purse a real woman who is not comfortable with dolls.

2Why Not Both?

The best case scenario is that you can end up with the best of both worlds. Maybe buying a sex doll helps you overcome your fear/anxiety about losing your virginity. You then find an open minded adventurous woman and are able to introduce novelties into your sex life like your sex doll. This is not an uncommon thing, many couples have opted to spice up their sex lives with a sex doll or two. It is important to remember that this isn’t always an either/or decision and that buying a sex doll will not forever condemn you to being a virgin for life.


As you can see there is no right answer to this question, you have to consider what feels right for you. People remain virgins for different reasons, a sex doll might be the solution or it might not be. That being said, we recommend getting a sex doll if you want because worst case you can just get rid of it, and you won’t be left wondering if that was the solution or not.

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