Should Mini Sex Dolls Only Wear White Clothes?

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On the other hand, I wonder if it is possible for a slim person to find clothes that fit her size. Do you have any ideas? Speaking of clothes, it seems that the color will fall on the body. Should Mini Sex Doll only wear white clothes? White is very good, but it will be sad if it cannot be changed. I think the WM 158 cm (30 kg) and the size 85/60/86 cm seem to best meet your expectations. It’s not a linear doll, it’s far from it, and it’s the same size. “There is no better rolling doll than this.

It corresponds to S or M size and 38. All colors except white, flesh, or pink will be wiped off, so before you dress, you must wash several times until no more discoloration occurs. If a task unfortunately arises, there is a product that can eliminate it. Not all clothes are actually discolored. My beauties often wear dark clothes without problems. These are just good branded products.

For other brands, wash and rewash. Be wary of polyester imitation satin, something that was rubbed off of my doll. I really don’t know if I prefer 158 over 165. We are all born of the times. We were full of advertisements, the girls in them had extraordinary silhouettes, but they were retouched through photoshop. We have forgotten our independence. Obviously, I am just a small fish that follows the trend.

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