Should I buy a silicone dolls? – sex with silicone doll

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In many cases, your husband has a stronger sexual desire and you do not have enough time or experience to meet his demands, but your feelings are very good, you do not want to make him unhappy because of sex, even in In the long run, your husband may tend to derail, which is a very bad outcome. That is why some people think of lifelike sex dolls. If you can buy a real sex doll and provide them to their husbands, it can to some extent satisfy the husband’s sexual desire and facilitate the relationship between husband and wife. So, do you allow your husband and your silicone sex doll to have sex?










In many cases, you cannot meet your husband’s sexual demands, such as during your body and pregnancy period, which you cannot. But how are your husband’s sexual needs realized? Looking for other women? You can’t. real dolls thus become a good substitute for sex. Can you accept the sex of husband and sex dolls?I will never allow my partner to buy anything. I will never forbid it. My partner is an adult. As adults, they have the right to buy anything they want. Because sex toys bring a lot of sexual deficiencies, sexual insecurity and worries.

Your partner has the right to touch his body the way he wants and decide what he does. If at some point he finds something else, I advise him to find someone and try to avoid her details. Because when someone makes love or masturbates with a doll, he imagines the best breast, body, etc!For different people, there are different opinions on this topic. Most people don’t want their husband to have sex with other people than themselves or with silicone dolls, but for a better marriage they allowed their husbands to buy sex dolls because they thought it was easier to accept than their husbands. . So, what do you think? Compromise or refuse?

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