She Will Have To Deal With A Japanese Mini Sex Doll

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The doll may remain in the bedroom forever, while the closet (as a coverlet) reserved for it is 1m from the bed. Eventually, I would consider adding a chair in the bedroom so she can sometimes find the sitting position, but I am still thinking of a slight rearrangement of my bedroom (not only to accommodate future Mini Sex Doll). My cleaning lady also put me in the room.

Then I can’t imagine how to tell her that she will have to deal with the existence of a Japanese Mini Sex Doll … she is super nice and efficient, so I don’t want to “be lost because of X or Y”. Once I forgot to lose the lubricant, it could be even worse, at least I have lost the flesh color, yes, I also thought about the different accessories and clothes for the doll. .. Especially now, my main concern is underwear … boldly.

A closet drawer has been reserved for the person who wants to share the diaper. I’m also usually a bit messy, but the fact that there is a cleaning lady every week requires me to sort it out the day before so she can clean effectively. On the other hand, once I got stuck on her vacation calendar, she was cleaned up without any preparation … She did her best, but after a month she had to discover the condition of my apartment.

“Entropy Free” in my storage. But thank goodness, except for a little confusion, sometimes my cleaning lady has to move the armchair to where one of my dolls sticks out, she knows all 3. And I’m fine, she found them beautiful. We didn’t speak! Too many topics! Does your male Mini Sex Doll have 42 square meters of free space for 3 hours?

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