Shall Children Face Lifelike Sex Dolls Be Sold?

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Couples who do not have children are desperate to have a child that matches their parents’ wishes. Therefore, there was a situation where they bought online love dolls of the same size as children. The dolls are usually about 100cm tall and have children’s faces. In our opinion, this is completely understandable, as we can understand the parents’ mood. However, from the outside world, they may buy this mini sex doll not for life but for sex, which means that people feel that this has the tendency to abuse children, which is not conducive to social stability. Adolescents have serious repercussions. Therefore, in many countries, it is forbidden to sell such children lifelike sex dolls.














In addition, there is a situation where children with depression have hope to regain the joy of life. There is such a situation in our store. A client explains his situation while understanding with us. His child is an autistic patient. Except for his parents, he rarely communicates with anyone. By chance, his child saw this petite body sex doll on the Internet. His face showed a different smile, so he decided to buy a real life sex doll online to accompany his child’s growth. Over time, his child gradually recovered, no longer as autistic as before, at least he also has a small love doll.When it comes to whether to sell children real dolls, many countries have appropriate legal protection. However, if we are used as companions rather than sexual partners, this should be allowed. But still not understood. For this reason, almost all of our stores sell larger dolls to meet specific customer needs.

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