Sexy curvy dolls are popular

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Lately, the order trend is for curved dolls. “There are countless extensions. Some men want a slender and charming woman. Curvy dolls currently account for 70% of my orders. At least 70% of the people said:” The prototype of the product is for Chinese students to allow free mating with the prototype. Test conducted. In most cases, satisfaction with sexual feedback is up to 80%.



Husband wants his wife to have a sex doll
However, only a 3D scanner that copies the original image down to the last detail can produce a 100% doll image. However, there are no limits to the sexual imagination: “I once had a client who really wanted his wife to be a doll in a 1:1 ratio. That way he can have fun even when she’s not at home.”

Talk about fun. It stopped the doll’s care for the vagina. In case of leakage, the vagina needs to be cleaned and the doll’s oral cavity needs to be cleaned or other body parts.

“Some doll owners,” said the producer, “see the care of their dolls as part of the relationship. They wash themselves, wash with face wipes and use lube for the next once-in-a-lifetime love.”

In Japan, more and more men are marrying their sex dolls
We have no doubt not heard from Japan that there are more and more marriages between Asian sex and their sex dolls. Including marriage contracts and promises of fidelity. Back in Europe, we only know one thing: at the end of the long-term sexual demand, there will ideally be a mutual orgasm. Or something similar. But sex dolls may only play a minor role in pornography .

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