Mini Sex Doll + sexual asphyxia

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When our brains lack oxygen, produce hypoxia, may be accompanied by nausea, dizziness at the same time, is a wonderful feeling of stealing pleasure, this state in medicine known as euphoria. For many teenagers, such near-death experiences alone provide enough pleasure to allow them to repeatedly risk their lives and even inadvertently die as a result. Surprisingly, the vast majority of people who do this seem to be men, who invented the sex doll perhaps because women get nine times more pleasure from orgasms than men, so there’s no need to resort to all these weird ways to satisfy themselves.

Even more appealing than mere suffocation, of course, is masturbation in this extreme state. In one of his crime novels about murder by asphyxiation, full body sex doll an American writer described it this way: “When the brain is deprived of its essential oxygen, one is trapped in a wakeful but hallucinatory hypoxia, hentai sex doll in which orgasm is said to be no less exhilarating than cocaine and no less addictive.”

It’s hard to suffocate with your hands alone, especially when you need one hand to do other things. As a result, people who perform asphyxiation Play often use ropes, scarves, belts, wires, tapes, masks, plastic bags, automobile exhaust, asian sex doll volatile liquids and other methods to achieve the purpose of asphyxiation, and even design complex devices themselves.

Accidents often occur due to hallucinations and reduced mobility during lack of oxygen, combined with loss of energy and lethargy after orgasm.
Nothing illustrates what it means to be dead (especially when you’re actually dead) more perfectly than choke Play. Good boy, sex doll for men don’t try!

As many as 1,000 people a year in the United States alone die because they don’t want to die, they just play with it. Celebrities and stars were among those who died of choking Play. American movie star David Carradine sex doll factory was found hanging naked in a hotel closet in Thailand. His two ex-wives later confirmed that choking Play was indeed his hobby.

In addition, choking Play is often associated with women’s wear, self-restraint, self-abuse, self-harm and other behaviors.

Although the number of people who like and attempt to suffocate Play is by no means small in terms of the number of deaths, the extent of the deviation from common sense combined with the possibility of other sexual fetishes sex doll for sale is an extremely difficult thing to talk about, and it is precisely this that leads to the tragic occurrence of death. It is also likely that the perpetrator’s death was the first time his habit was known.

Even if you can find a partner willing to help out in a choke Play, it’s still not safe. After all, lack of oxygen to the brain is extremely dangerous, and even in death, prolonged lack of oxygen often causes irreversible brain tissue damage.

In order to enjoy more happiness in a long life, torso sex doll even if only to be able to masturbate and suffocate Play more times, please be sure to avoid it and endure it if you can. Even if you have all the safety measures and reliable partners, please be very careful and do not easily walk on the line between life and death.

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