Sex Toys: An Additional Ecstatic Pleasure

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Conventional sex and masturbation are already pleasurable as it is. Well, for some people who have a more conservative point of view, it stops there. What if there is more to it? What if you just barely scratch the surface?

In the modern world where sex and masturbation are almost a necessity, sex toys provide an additional pleasure you would never think is attainable all this time.

If you haven’t opened your mind yet to the endless possibilities of intimacy, here are some of the familiar sex toys that may provide you with the orgasm you wish you had.

Sex Doll

For most men who find it hard to look for a partner and are so done with masturbation, sex dolls (Real Sex Dolls) are an option that some are willing to take. Not only it gives a realistic vibe of having sex with a real woman, but it also gives a feeling of comfort in comparison to just a hand can give.

Additionally, according to, it can give users an incredible encounter and better comprehension of sexual knowledge – helping those who have less experience in sex be relieved from stress and worry over intimate relationships.


For women who find it challenging to reach powerful orgasms, vibrators can give a hand. For instance, G-spot vibrators, clitoral sucking device, or the combination of both known as rabbit vibrators are among the wide variety of options. These stated vibrators are suitable for anyone and could help significantly.

Over the years, vibrators have improved and became easily attainable through online stores. Recently, two new vibrators were released by a brand called Tracy’s Dog. Among the brands, Tracy’s Dog is undoubtedly famous, like their Tracy’s Dog Pecker Vibrator which is selling like hotcakes in the market.

Butt Plug

Butt plugs are one of those sex toys that can be enjoyed by both sexes, like the male anal vibrator plug. The nerve endings of your anus are highly sensitive. Thus, giving you a sensational feeling while using this kind of sex toy.

Moreover, while women have the G-spot, men have a G-spot as well. It is the prostate that can be accessed through the butt hole. As such, with the help of a butt plug, the likelihood of an orgasm is high.


If men can masturbate or rather have sex with a sex doll, women can do the same with a dildo. Dildos are the most common toy for women. It resembles the male organ, and it varies in sizes, color, and texture.

Some dildos are infused with a vibrating capability to add an overwhelming experience. For starters, using dildos should be accompanied by using lubes. In this way, a smooth proceeding is at hand.

Cock ring

Cock rings help in a prolonged erection as it compresses the penis’ blood vessels, which makes the genital more sensitive to the touch. Also, a more buzzy sensation is provided for both parties when a cock ring is used.

Nowadays, cock rings are way more advanced, just like any other sex toy. Since it is added with a vibrating mechanism, a more pleasing and satisfying sexual experience is high.

Rabbit vibrator

Rabbit vibrators are a high-breed. Why? Well, it is composed of an external vibrator plus a G-spot toy. Thus, you can say that a different experience is coming from simultaneous vibrations in two different areas.

Described as having a rabbit ear, this part of the toy is significant in providing clitoral stimulation. At the same time, the second part provides stimulation of the G-spot inside the vagina.

Additionally, it is advised that when you purchase your rabbit vibrator such as the Tracy’s Dog Craybit Vibrator, make sure that it has a different controller and vibration pattern for both parts. It is mainly because the clitoris and the G-spot have different vibrational needs.


Although lubes are not directly considered as a sex toy, they are a necessary complement. Dildos, rabbit vibrators, and other sex toys used for penetration, preferably, should be paired with lube to help couples use sex toys smoothly.

It is also the same in using condoms. It is widely known that it has lubricant on its own, but sometimes additional lube is a must.


Gone are the days where sex and anything that is related to this subject is taboo to the society. It is now welcomed and is even innovated further for the benefit of everybody. Normally, sex toys are not necessary. However, we all get to a point where we need to spice up our sex life to deepen and be more intimate with our partners.

Now, this is where sex toys come into the picture. Sex is good as it is; masturbation is a bit good as it is. But if you want a better experience, sex toys can give you the pleasure you deserve.

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