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She licked and tongue fucked mom. Then, she moved on to the 69 position giving mom her pussy. Mom was hesitant initially. But as Aarti licked and sucked her pussy, she got into the mood and started licking and eating Aarti’s pussy.

They both tongue fucked each other for a while. Then, they got into a scissors position and rubbed against each other’s pussy. All this led to mom having an orgasm. Then, she placed her face near Aarti’s pussy, and her tongue fucked her.

This made me very horny, and I went and joined them. Mom was licking Aarti’s pussy when I pushed my cock into her asshole. As she couldn’t yell in pain, she bit Aarti’s pussy. So Aarti yelled.

I asked dad to join us and fuck mom in the pussy. He got under her and pushed his cock into her pussy. It was amazing. Mom gets sandwiched between dad and me while licking Aarti’s pussy. After fucking for a few minutes in that position, we all orgasmed one after another. 

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