Sex Stories and Sex Doll: Moving my lips and tongue down

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Moving my lips and tongue down, I found the small nub of Emma’s clitoris, which I pressed into slowly, feeling the breathy exhale of her pleasure. And softly flicking and sucking it with my lips and tongue, I felt her clit become engorged and her hips press more firmly into my face. Her liquids now flowed like a stream of honey from her enclosed fountain. Every passionate stroke of my tongue sent goosebumps up her hips and back, and her breathing turned into sensual moans that grew with each second.

Her tongue stopped swirling and her mouth stopped sucking as she tried to catch her breath, but my mouth only continued more ferociously than before. Her goddess-like legs now quivered with erotic fervor as my tongue explored the heights of her clit to the depths of her vagina, savoring each taste.














































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