Sex Stories and Sex Doll: Her t-shirt was above her bra.

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Then my reader’s wife started enjoying the play and she licked and sucked my tongue. I did the same to her. After about 10 minutes of passionate kissing, I wished her a happy birthday. Now she had tears of joy in her eyes.

I deliberately kept the door open because I knew Anish would be peeping which made me extra excited. I put my hands under her t-shirt from the sides and suddenly, pulled it up without any warning. She got a bit shocked but it was too late.

Her t-shirt was above her bra. She was wearing a tube bra which I pulled down instantly. By the time she reacted, my reader’s wife’s boobs were in front of me. I could see Anish in the dressing table mirror. I could see that he was excited. Radha’s boobs were firm and her nipples were erected.