Sex Stories and Sex Doll: He enjoyed that he could strip her in front of her husband


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Wonderful Paragraph:
Tanisha tried to cover herself with her hands. But her ass was in full view to Rajat. She didn’t want to get fucked in front of her husband, so she requested him to leave. Vikram patted her shoulder and left without saying anything.









































While all this was happening, Rajat was busy undressing his bhabhi. He enjoyed that he could strip her in front of her husband, and he couldn’t do anything. He turned her around and grabbed a tit in his mouth. Tanisha was looking down at him nervously.

She had always considered Rajat to be nothing but respectful towards her. But when it came to sex, he was an animal. He showed no regard for the boundaries between them and took what he wanted. She wanted him to stop sucking on his nipple because it was making her aroused.

But she was in no position to stop him. She was trying her best not to enjoy having sex with her brother-in-law, fearing that it would lead to complications in the family. But Rajat’s hunger was infectious. He was arousing emotions that she had never felt before.

This was the first time she was completely nude in front of him. And he was making the most of this situation. Tanisha had been touched all over her body. While he was sucking on his breasts, she could feel one of his fingers poking her asshole.

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