Sex Stories and Sex Doll: He also fucked me from the backside

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I gave him a tight kiss and said, “I love you, Sir. How can I not let you fuck me even after you asked for my permission? Fuck me, Sir, make me a woman.” Sir started pounding my pussy by making to and fro motions. Then he started with speed thumps. There was a huge sound of ‘thump thump thump.’

I asked, “What was that sound?” He didn’t answer me but he licked the tears from my eyes and kissed my eyes. Asked me if it’s ok now. I was feeling so good while Sir was fucking me. It’s been 15 minutes since Sir started fucking me in a missionary position.

He also fucked me from the backside. He made me roll over and sleep reverse. Then he slept below and asked me to ride him. I started riding for good 25 minutes. Sir was pinching my nipples and eating them. He always placed his hands on my hips for a better moment while fucking.





























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