Sex Stories and Sex Doll: Hair disheveled, lips flush, eyes sliced low

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Madie lay spread out on her back, on the edge of the bed, she struggled to catch her breath. Winded, beat down, exhausted, she became the mirror of a woman who reflected the image of someone who just got thoroughly, and savagely, and severely fucked.

Hair disheveled, lips flush, eyes sliced low, handprints and red marks on her ass, thighs, ankles, she breathed in labored pants like the end of a five-mile run, nonstop. Naomi glanced over to her. When their eyes met, Madie cowered, shied away, embarrassment humbling her. Her look spoke volumes, her demeanor that of a woman who couldn’t face the fact that she took on a challenge she clearly couldn’t live up to.













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