Sex Stories and Sex Doll: As I finished ejaculating

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Our missionary sex position at this point seemed just like a curtailed sex scene in old Indian movies. Though not much movement between the parties, the hero gently lies over the heroin. Both were sweating heavily, and both gave an expression of ultimate ecstasy.

We continued the same way for maybe, close to a minute. I then suddenly started to feel a strong tickling sensation traveling from my balls through the length of my dick. My dick erupted, and I ejaculated, splashing multiple rounds of my semen inside Kavita.

As my semen gushed, I could not control my emotions. I loosened my hands from her wrist. Kavita immediately tangled her fingers with mine tightly. I moaned loudly with my eyes half-closed every time my dick splashed my semen inside her pussy.

As I finished ejaculating, I closed my eyes and rested my forehead on her left shoulder, breathing heavily. Kavita was also breathing heavily. She slowly removed her tangled fingers from mine. She slowly rubbed my upper back and whispered in my ears, “It’s ok, it’s ok. Relax,” and kissed my cheeks. 

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