Sex Dolls Thought: I recently purchased my 1st male doll.

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Incatnito says:
I recently purchased my 1st male doll. Im 63 yo in case anyone cares other than my doll. 1st he came with a badly bent neck which was straightened. Then placing the neck on with what appeared-to be a good threaded bolt, Dude no matter where I started consistently ended with his chin over his right shoulder. Then noticed a good 3-4 inch tear in the left armpit area. At least two weeks and I’m still waiting for both new bolt and glue. Of note there was quite a bit of oil on the shipping crate. It came with absolutely no paper work, it’s an IronTech doll. For first week or so doll was chatty. We seemed to get on fine. Had a friend drop by that I’d not seen in over 20 yrs. From this point on Doll has changed demeanor, facial expressions, and if looks could kill, well….Doll apparently thinks I’m below him and does not interact with me at all, zero, zilch. What happens if you Doll has decided he hates you.? Anyone have this type of thing happen before.? If Doll’s are picking us to an extent what’s next? Something like old time video dating where both parties have to agree to make the deal? This doll is psycho, I kid you not. I spent a lot of money to be turned down. its a pretty expensive hit-n-miss.









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