Sex dolls or real lovers, what’s right for you?

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With the development of society, there are more and more single men. Most of the time it is because they are not good with people. But it’s a fact now. The question before you is which one to choose: a mistress or a sex doll?

Choosing a sex doll
The person making this decision has likely been hurt by a woman before. Or they cannot bear the reproach of women. They consider women too loud, so they prefer a quiet sexual partner. A friend of mine broke up with his girlfriend three years ago because she was grumpy. His girlfriend always scolded that he was too slow to do the housework, but she almost never did it herself. He couldn’t take it anymore and decided to buy a sex doll. As he had hoped, he got his own lifelike doll and put it in his room, assembled it and made it look like a real person. At that moment, he no longer hears the accusations, he forgets all his worries and immerses himself in the doll’s sexual experience. It was amazing!

A lover’s choice
I had a grumpy boyfriend, and then I found a friend who was less grumpy than he was. They often fought because they didn’t have a big deal. But when I actually saw them, I was surprised. My friend’s mood was getting better and better and his girlfriend was very gentle. When I asked him his secret, he told me about one of their experiences. Once he and his girlfriend took the subway to Pleasure Park. After exiting the train station, the two argued over which exit to take. He insisted that it would be easier to get off at station A. His girlfriend chose exit B. Eventually they had to contact the staff on the subway. The employee took one look at the two and just said go to the Pleasure Garden and take exit A, leave your girlfriend and take exit B.

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