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Cute Middle Chested Mini Sex Doll Juliette 130cm 4ft 2

Doll size
·Height:4ft 2 / 130cm
·Weight:44Lbs / 20kg
·Upper bust * waist * hip:24.4in*15.3in*24.4in / 62cm*39cm*62cm
·Hand length:16.1in / 41cm
·Foot length:6.6in / 17cm
·Vagina Depth:7in / 18cm
·Anal depth:4.1in / 10.5cm
·Oral depth:4.9in / 12.5cm


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Daily MISSSE Staff Chapter

At 7:15 am, I woke up from my nap. “Ah… It’s time… I don’t want to get up… Why do I have to go to work…” I said so, but my body got up honestly.
I poured all the ingredients I prepared last night into the pot, and while I was waiting for it to cook, I brushed my teeth and washed my face and got dressed. After that, breakfast was ready and then a glass of milk was poured, a pleasant breakfast time.
“I’m on”…

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The subway is always crowded during commuting hours, and it’s less than 10 minutes before 8:30am when I get off the train. Here comes the moment to exert your strength.

“Safe on base!” The moment I entered the office door satisfied with myself for not being late, I walked towards my seat.
“Good morning!”
“Good morning, Wang, the client you were in charge of paid yesterday, yo.”
“Let’s see, five people have paid, and one more… I’ll try to contact them afterwards.”
“Thank you for your hard work.”
A new day has begun.

“Ah… Everyone look up, we start the morning meeting… We must reply to the guest’s emails, we must satisfy the guest’s wishes, we must firmly grasp the guest’s feelings and mood, and the price must definitely be lower than other companies…”
The minister was reading out again.
The four points written on the revealing board have been ringing in my ears since I joined the company. In addition to that, there are other things that I have to do when I receive an order, such as to produce quickly, to check the quality, to use a reliable courier company, etc. Although they are not addressed to me, I still hear them every day, and I feel that my ears are getting calloused. Sometimes I feel so annoyed, and even a little rebellious, but because I was born with a sense of responsibility, so since the beginning has not been a slack.

“By the way, this fat lady model is so hot lately.”
“Yeah, because it’s sexy, right? I’m a girl who wants to rub her big boobs when she sees them.”
“Wow… That’s awesome.”
In this sex doll sales department, conversations that you would normally find strange are just everyday. Boobs, buttocks, pubic hair and so on, at first also feel shy and difficult to say, but because everyone is talking about it, and then surprisingly soon get used to it … (“This lower body, can you make it black?”) “This breast is so – big, scared me” “such a beauty, in reality absolutely does not exist ha” “customers said really still want pubic hair ” and so on)

“Xiao Wang, the new product is here, come and help”
“Coming!” While talking back, while the document being edited click to save.
To publish a new item, first move the item to the photography room. There, you open the package, take out the doll, and dress it up. At this time, there are many bad images exposed. Now I’m used to it and I can work without panic, but at the beginning it was really strange. I was so ashamed to have a naked beauty with a super cute face and sexy body (although it was a doll) in front of me when my co-workers were not far away, my face instantly turned red and I was teased by them about it.

“So, please take care of me today,” I said to the doll, and then began to adjust her into the seductive position that I wanted to show. In order to adjust the position, you must touch the doll’s body. Although I’ve had several experiences, the moment I touched it, I couldn’t help but exclaim, “What high technology is this? Although wearing gloves, but still feel very soft, simply the same touch as the real person. And this skin, smooth and white and no stains, is a girl will be envious of such skin it … That said, this posture … I’m not getting a nosebleed… No, it’s great… Ah… So, I seem to understand why this is so popular.

To say whether you like your current job or not… I can’t say I like it very much, after all, whatever I do is just work. In the end, life is like this. I think there are very few people who go to work because they like it. If you have money, why do you work. Despite this, there are still happy things to do here. There are many people in the world, including many unreasonable customers, and if I see a message of support from a customer, I am immediately energized. However, when I see messages from customers who are satisfied with my products, I start to think, “This is not a bad job,” and “I can do it, too,” and I get happy.

Oh, it’s the news from the art department. The pictures taken this morning have been fixed. Good! Keep up the good work before work! I have to eat hot pot with my friends tonight!

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