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Cute Middle Chested Mini Sex Doll Juliette 130cm 4ft 2

Doll size
·Height:4ft 2 / 130cm
·Weight:44Lbs / 20kg
·Upper bust * waist * hip:24.4in*15.3in*24.4in / 62cm*39cm*62cm
·Hand length:16.1in / 41cm
·Foot length:6.6in / 17cm
·Vagina Depth:7in / 18cm
·Anal depth:4.1in / 10.5cm
·Oral depth:4.9in / 12.5cm


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The importance of lubrication when using sex dolls

When you do it with a real person, you just have to carry the gun, but with a doll, you have to apply lubricant, so I guess some people are bothered by it. It is obvious that they all look the same, why do not use lubricant with people, and dolls must be it?

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The reality is that women’s lower body channels are secreting body fluids, which is a natural physiological function that humans have in order to help reproduce. In the external stimulation, as well as the role of their own hormones under the female body will secrete a lot of lubricating body fluids to facilitate better access to the mating male, but also to make the process of sex more enjoyable for both sides.
After all, the doll is only a doll, not a living creature, it is impossible to have a physical function. The clean doll’s lower body should be soft and dry, and such a lower body, the average male is difficult to enter smoothly. In fact, even with real women do sometimes need to use lubricant. Because there exist some women, their lower body innately can not produce sufficient amount of bodily fluids, the use of lubricant can compensate for this.
Yes, this I have experience again, after all, I do business, you have to do all kinds of measurements to feel clear.
I have done four experiments.
The first time, no lubricating fluid
Recommendation index: ☆☆☆☆☆ evaluation reason: not comfortable at all

With fingers to confirm the doll’s lower body inside clean and dry after trying to enter, the results were stuck in the hole.
The soft entrance to the lower body will be tangled with the friction of the little brother, so the little brother can only stop at the entrance.
If the entrance is forced to worry about damage to the entrance, so the entrance will be broken open and then try to enter, found more difficult, the doll entrance front tightly wrapped around the glans, continue to move forward when the edge of the glans has a tearing sensation. If you continue forcibly, not only will damage the lower body of the doll, but also make the little brother suffer a lot of pain.
There is no point in trying to continue here, because it is not at all enjoyable and does not work.

The second time, only the little old brother surface lubrication, the doll’s lower body without lubrication  
Recommendation index: ★★★★☆☆ Reason for evaluation: There is some improvement over no lubrication at all, but there are still drawbacks

After confirming with your fingers that the doll’s lower body is clean and dry, apply lubricant (sufficient amount) to the surface of the penis only, and then try to enter.
It is still much easier than no lubrication, and you can achieve full entry.
But because the cave of the doll’s lower body is very tight, although the penis burst into the end, but the glans surface of the lubricant has been left a large part of the lubricant was left in the first half. So the movement of the front end is slightly strained and friction.

The third time, the doll’s lower body poured into the lubricant, the little old surface without   

Recommended index: ★★★★★ Evaluation reason: very comfortable

Wipe the surface of the penis clean, and then pour enough lubricant in the cave, smooth entry, thrusting smoothly. There is no friction interference, just feel the dick is tightly wrapped by the doll’s lower body flesh wall, enjoy the incomparable, real sense full of.

The fourth time, the doll’s lower body poured lubricating fluid, and the small dick surface coated with lubricating fluid
Recommended index: ★★★★☆ Evaluation reason: comfortable, but waste

First in the cave to pour a sufficient amount of lubricant, and then in the penis surface coated with lubricant, into a smoother, but thrusting will have part of the lubricant overflow, comfort and the third difference is not much. The original penis in addition to other places in the penis mouth is not to secrete body fluids, the overall smear on the lubricant but make the real sense of a certain degree of reduction, and the lubricant overflow also caused waste, overall than the third.
Conclusion: Use the doll must be coated with lubricant, and pour it into the doll cave is the easiest and most comfortable way.
The appearance of the doll’s lower body is very real, almost nothing like the real female lower body. There may be male friends see it can’t hold it, and can not care about pouring lubricant directly to the adventure, but be careful not to do so. But in fact, when using the doll, the role of lubricant is very big, can not be too much trouble to use, otherwise not only will hurt the doll, but also may hurt the user himself.

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