Sex Dolls Are Safe

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If you have a powerful sexual appetite you might be tempted to head over to a brothel or call an ad for an escort. You may think it is not a big deal to go to a shabby brothel room or invite the hooker over to your house. In movies and porn, it seems like a simple thing that is fast and easy but this is actually wrong. It is extremely dangerous to have sex with a prostitute. First, brothels are typically illegal and run by criminal organizations that can absolutely not be trusted. It’s so common for men to be robbed in the neighborhoods that host these establishments, if not have their pocket picked by the escort herself while he is showering. There are also various kinds of sets ups you can fall prey to once you begin to patronize these services. Sometimes it will be the police running a sting.

They will have a female agent who poses as a sex worker invites you to her room then as soon as you enter the room and say something suggestive they will rush in, handcuff you, book you and you will have to live with humiliation for the rest of your life all because you wanted to get laid “conveniently”. The other type of setup is the hooker’s gangster boyfriend. The prostitute may want to steal everything you have on you. She will invite you in then say she wants to grab a smoke before taking any clothes off. What happens next is a group of thugs will stampede in with guns demanding your wallet, your phone, and your car keys. If you don’t give them everything they ask for they will shoot you and leave you bleeding to death on the floor of the hotel room. Just imagine what could happen if you invite an escort into your home. The same story could play out except with everyone in the neighborhood knowing. You would be ruined for the rest of your life.

None of these risks exist if you choose a sex doll. There is a trend in many countries of men choosing sex dolls over real women and this is one of them. There is no sex safer than sex with one of the best realistic sex dolls from the 【】 store. You could get your doll Asian and or a doll whose race is European and either way you don’t have to be concerned with your safety. Pick a love doll with huge tits. You can use a condom if you prefer but if you want the intimacy of being directly inside her that is another option you can choose.

You cannot contract a sexually transmitted disease from a sex doll as long as you don’t share her with any other man. You can stumble home drunk and penetrate your sex doll in any of her holes but if you do something similar with an escort or a girl you meet at a club there is a considerable risk. You also don’t need to worry about pregnancy. There is nothing worse than knocking up a woman you barely know and don’t even like than being stuck with her for the rest of your life. Then there is also the issue of the cost. The sex doll is free after your initial purchase. One of the most beautiful sex dolls in our store will only set you back about $1800 and that is the same as visiting 5 or 6 prostitutes except your doll will be with you for decades to come if you take proper care of her.

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