Sex Doll Torso in great demand among the middle and older age groups

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There is no need to correct attitudes, avoid taboos and dodge them when it comes to whether older people should be “sexually active” or not. The elderly are human beings, they have sexual desires and must have “sexual interest”, but society oppresses the elderly when the usual sexual demands appear, demands that invoke the height of morality and confuse them. We know that in old age physiological functions decrease, physical strength is not what it used to be, and thinking activity decreases, but it does not disappear completely, because it becomes less or worse than before, and the same is true for sexual desire.




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Older people should face their physiological needs and believe that “it is better to block than to unblock”. Older people obviously need a sex drive and a “sexual interest,” but how can that be addressed? I have a wife who has been with me for a long time, because there are very few older people who are both old and senile, and most of them are either widows or widowers. My wife cannot come or stay with me before, or I cannot accommodate her once a year. Currently, it is not advisable for older people to seek out sex workers to help them with their needs. Lori Love’s dolls may be a better choice. In contact with the author, older people were generally embarrassed by the author’s suggestion to “use a silicone lolicon doll for real love to satisfy their physical needs.” Is this normal? Certainly, the older generation, especially in terms of sex, is not as universally accepted as today’s youth (even if they don’t use it, which is unacceptable).

The widespread shame of older people to use familiar love dolls is the key to overcoming loneliness, isolation and sexual desire. Revolutionizing the idea of “love dolls” to compensate for the current shame older Chinese feel about their bodies and physical well-being.

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