Sex Doll Movies – A love affair between man and machine

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High Quality Silicone Mini Sex Doll Alani 102cm

Doll size
·Height:3ft 3 / 102cm
·Weight:31.5Lbs / 14.3kg
·Upper bust * waist * hip:20.4in*14.5in*23.6in / 52*37*60cm
·Hand length:N
·Foot length:5.3in / 13.5 cm
·Vagina Depth:6.1in / 15.5 cm
·Anal depth:N
·Oral depth:N


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We recommend 7 movies about love between humans and devices that might be of interest to love doll owners!

1. “Lars and the Real Girl” (2007)

First up is Lars and the Real Girl. The first one is “Lars and the Real Girl”, which was a very popular movie at that time, because it starred the popular actor Ryan Gosling and the story was very touching.

Lars is a 26 year old young man who lives in a small town in America. He lives alone in a converted garage behind the house where his brother Gus and his wife Karin live, and has limited social contacts.

One day Lars tells Gus and Karin that he has met a woman through the internet and that he will introduce them. At first, Gus and Karin are happy to see Lars, but they are surprised when he introduces them to Bianca, a half-Brazilian, half-Danish woman in a wheelchair and a former missionary. But they are surprised when they are introduced to Bianca, a half-Brazilian, half-Danish woman in a wheelchair who is a former missionary, because she is a real doll sold on an adult website.

2. “A.I.” 2001

The second one is “A.I. Artificial Intelligence”, an American science fiction film from 2001. If you’re going to see it, be sure to pack some tissues! You might burst into tears.

The film is set in a future where global warming has caused some of the land near the oceans to sink, there is a strict licensing system for pregnancy and childbirth, and humans are replaced by robots that don’t need as many resources. In this future, David, a boy-like robot with the same affection as a human being, is sent on a trial basis to Henry, an employee of the robot manufacturing company that created him, and his wife Monica. The couple have an incurable son, Martin, who is currently in cryopreservation with no guarantee that he will ever wake up, and is effectively childless.

David is programmed to love Monica, whom he has activated, forever, but Martin miraculously overcomes his illness and wakes up, is discharged from hospital and returns home. Monica began to love Martin more than David. One day, while Martin and David are playing, Martin has a life-threatening accident and David is abandoned in the forest…

3. “Ex Machina” (Ex Machina) 2014

Caleb works as a programmer at Blue Book, an IT company famous for its search engine, and wins a lottery to visit the home of the company’s president, Nathan. Caleb is invited by helicopter to Nathan’s home, deep in a vast mountainous region, where he is asked to demonstrate an AI that Nathan is working on, and for which he has daily contact and research with the AI. Unbeknownst to him, Nathan is drawn to the AI, which also expresses its feelings for Nathan and its wish to go and experience the outside world…

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4. “The Only Girl in the World”(her)2013

The film takes place in the near future in Los Angeles. Theodore Twombly is a writer who writes letters on behalf of others. He is grieving the loss of his wife, Catherine, and one day he acquires an artificially intelligent operating system, Samantha. Samantha is more attractive and human than any woman in the flesh, and Theodore finds himself drawn to her. Samantha is hurt by the fact that he dated a Harvard-educated woman. The two begin to have virtual sex. He meets with his wife, who is in the middle of divorce proceedings, and draws up the divorce papers, but she is not happy. Finally, he sends for a woman who says she understands their relationship, not a prostitute, to have real sex. He refuses, even though his partner is shaking, and argues with Samantha…

5. “Electric dreams”(1984)

Miles is a designer who works for an architectural firm, but his ineptitude and dull behavior make him unpopular at work. When he spills champagne on the keyboard of a desktop computer he buys at an electronics shop, the computer suddenly takes on a personality and starts talking. When he spills champagne on the keyboard, the computer suddenly takes on a personality and starts talking.

6. “Howard the Duck” (1986)

Howard the Duck (1986) is a 1986 American science fiction film directed by George Lucas.

The main character lives in the land of the ducks and is suddenly sent to Earth. He crashes at a venue that is off-limits to minors. He meets Beverly and lives with her. The next day Beverly goes to Phil to show him a strange duck, but to no avail…

7. “A.I. Rising”(A.I.RISING)2018

Our last movie recommendation!
A.I. Rising (A.I. Rising or Ederlezi Rising) is a 2018 Serbian science fiction film. It is the feature film debut of director Lazar Bodroza and stars Sebastian Cavazza (Slovenian version) and Stoja among others. The film is based on a 1980s short story by Zoran Neskovic about the relationship between a Yugoslavian astronaut and a female android.

In the year 2148, when the state has disappeared from the Earth and the world has become socialist, veteran astronaut Milutin is hired by the world’s largest space company, Edelresi, to go on a mission to Alpha Centauri, some four light years away. He is accompanied by a female android, Nimani 1345, whose appearance and personality have been programmed entirely to Milutin’s liking, and who not only assists him in his mission, but also acts as his companion and sex partner. However, after a long time in space, Milutin gradually becomes dissatisfied with Nimani’s obedience to everything, and decides to rewrite Nimani’s programming in order to turn her into a “human woman”…

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