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During the sex doll revolution of the past decade, it became possible to make high-quality dolls out of two materials that feel real to the human touch. Men are no longer stuck with inflatable dolls. Any reputable doll brand will give you solid sex dolls from either TPE or silicone which are both of amazing quality due to the development of technology in recent years. Let’s explore advantageous TPE first.

TPE Benefits
If you look at our store most of the top-rated high-quality sex doll models are made of TPE. Customers will choose the doll, cart close, and then within a few weeks, our free discreet shipping will have their new companion at their door. TPE is a bit cheaper than silicone and some men think it has a more authentic feeling. TPE is the more flexible material. If you bounce a doll made of TPE up and down there is more of a natural jiggle in the breasts and the buttocks. TPE makes it really easy for you to take your doll’s limbs and pose them in any position you desire. You can kneel your doll on the floor and place her hands together in prayer as if she is waiting for the master to come home every day easily with TPE. TPE is also easy to clean and if you are a true geek for sex dolls it’s a lightweight material that lets you have life-size dolls that weigh only 30 lbs. If you are choosing the vaginal add insert for the doll, it will be made of TPE as well.

TPE is made from mixing plastic and a special kind of rubber. It is a hypoallergenic material meaning that it won’t collect bacteria or mold easily. You still need to clean your doll but at least you don’t need to worry about her getting mold easily the way clothes can. You will behave to have slow erotic safe sex with her for years and never get a rash. TPE is also compatible with stainless steel skeletons which are the secret to your doll maintaining its feminine form and bending naturally in many different positions. TPE also lets you easily place on wigs with short hair or long hair and it carries heat for up to 20 minutes so if you want to buy a vaginal heater for more warmth during sex it will not damage the TPE material. Most vagina-shaped sex toys on the market are made from TPE for this reason.

TPE is also known for its elasticity. This gives it some durability not possessed by other materials. You shouldn’t deliberately damager your sex doll but if you drop her or scrape her against things you should expect the TPE material to hold together. The elasticity is one of the reasons some men still have their TPE dolls in good condition even after more than a decade. The one major disadvantage of TPE is that it stains easily. If you choose clothes made of strong dyes or get marker on her it may be difficult to get it out. You can do it of course with some simple cleaning spray because your doll is meant to last a long time.

The other popular material for fashioning a sex doll is silicone. It can be a little more expensive than TPE but it performs similarly and has a few benefits associated with it. Silicone is sturdier than TPE while still feeling real and the added degree of sturdiness allows you to mold details that are a little finer than with a TPE fuck doll. If you are getting a custom-made doll head that you want crafted to look exactly like a real person and you need the smallest details to match then silicone is the way to go. The breasts and the butt of the silicone doll will be very firm and feel real but they will not bounce the way TPE dolls do. Silicone dolls are also not as easy to clean and you must take a greater degree of care when managing your life with your doll. Yes, your silicone love dolls will still be hypoallergenic and have flexible joints but if they get wet it’s more likely that they will get sticky and remain sticky until you cover them with baby powder.

The other advantage of choosing a silicone doll is that it does not stain easily. You can feel free to put your doll in any clothes without worry.

Men Generally find that they are happy with either TPE or silicone dolls so whichever one you choose is largely a matter of preference. You can have the luxury sexual experiences you always dreamed of with a doll who obediently stays home waiting for you each day. Just browse the dolls in our store. We have cheap sex dolls, black sex dolls, Asian sex dolls, big booty dolls, dolls with big tits, curly hair, mini sex dolls, and really whatever you can imagine.

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