Sex Doll history and lifelike sex doll function

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Most of the giant breast sex doll are customized as they represent a different idea from other users.














This is just the basic requirement that your face and body are beautiful, as well as different types of breasts, pupil colors and whether you need to be equipped with under hair or not. Besides the appearance, the lifelike sex doll will also be decorated with suitable names and figures, from the Carlson model to the round red net. The only thing they have in common is the lack of a mane and, of course, no pores or scars. The feet are usually small and blunt.

3d love dolls
At the factory, the first step is to see if each person needs a good partner. Gradually, however, it became clear that silicone dolls, which originally had a sexual function, did not exist only as sexual products. In addition to the sexual function, more and more people began to think about their emotional and psychological needs. European and American factories have also developed simulated dolls that have body heat and can talk. Recently, many foreign media reported, “Chinese sex robot: you have to talk to it, and it can help you do the dishes.” He usually combs Sakura’s hair, buys her clothes and puts on her underwear after bathing. He feels underprivileged in his own family. “The children reject me.

Two years ago, his wife died of cancer. He found it difficult to marry and was concerned that no one was a child. He would make the doll to match his wife’s image. They lived like a normal couple. At home he danced with his wife and now he jumps into the living room with a few pounds of sex doll. It’s sad when the doll’s arms and legs come off. From then on I can really feel that the doll is already a real companion. Despite these prosthetics, she is just an emotionless sex toy.

“Whenever I come home and expect my wife and daughter, even if it’s a rented house, I feel the warmth that comes when we eat at the same table and my wife listens to me quietly. I’ll never be impatient with questions or fun things at work, and always have a warm smile.” “I will dress them as carefully as I want, and I will not worry if I am cheated. You didn’t hesitate to do it with me.” Sharp words from a friend.

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