sex doll: hair transplant or wig set

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Each of these has its own benefits, so we’ll talk about them separately below.

Hair transplant models

The price is a little more expensive, the price of a single hair transplant is about 1000 yuan, the implantation of fine high-temperature wire is about 1000 yuan and the implantation of real hair is about 1500-2000, the ordinary player fine high-temperature wire is sufficient. There is also a very cheap kind of not recommended to do, it is easy to fall, the implantation density is not enough. Soon fell out, this kind of hair transplant is not as good as a wig set.
The implant model is not convenient to change the shape, but the implant model is more realistic, photographic photography are very real, and should not be carried need to be particularly careful wig set off.


The price of the wig set is relatively cheap, Taobao many styles to buy, remember to buy the white bottom Oh. Wig set to wear to wear right, the general wig set is an elastic band, from the back of the ear buckle. Basically, it will not fall off. A little attention when the event. The disadvantage of the wig set is that the wig set wear will not wear, wear not good easy to fall, but also not good-looking. There is a wig set can not be tied up, tied up, too much white below the ears.

Whether the wig set or hair transplant models, will face a problem is easy to messy, not easy to organize. The hair transplant models are prepared with a bottle of hair smoothing spray. When you comb your hair, pinch the roots of your hair to avoid hair loss. The hair transplant model should not be overly washed, it is not necessary and it will easily affect the makeup.
The wig set is also the same treatment, if not used for a long time, you can put the wig set smooth, easy to wear next time.

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