Sex Doll FAQ: Will you let your partner have sex dolls?

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In fact, I am not sure if I can fully understand the embarrassment or threat of being a sex doll. But if a partner buys a sex doll, I won’t be bothered because I am not threatened by plastics and silicone. I don’t think plastic and silicone can replace me. I don’t think plastics and silicones can divert attention away from me or endanger the relationships we build. I don’t have the sexual pleasure of a partner, nor do I think plastic and silicone can take away anything that belongs to me. Considering that one person is a person and the other is a sex doll, it seems a bit strange to group a lover and a love doll. I think your partner is an adult. Whether or not you have a sex doll is his decision. If he says he wants a love doll, this is his decision, he must know what your feelings are. It depends on how comfortable you are.

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