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At, we know that a new luxury Mini Sex Doll is an investment. We have put together a list of tips for maintaining the quality and prolonging the life of your Mini Sex Doll.


















Slide and Glide

Always use a water-based lubricant when using the doll for sexual purposes. Do lube up the vaginal, anal, and oral orifices to prevent skin tearing. You could cause injury to yourself by failing to use adequate lubrication. You should only use water-based lubes because silicone-based lubricants can damage your doll’s skin. we recommend that you use twice the amount of lube that you think you should.

TPE Mini Sex Doll Surface Care


Do not leave your love doll’s arms or legs extended out or elevated for an extended period. This can cause stress on the TPE and could cause material tearing. You should return your doll to a neutral stress-free position, with arms straight by her sides and legs straight and closed when you are not using them.


If the skin gets sticky, there are easy measures to get the skin back to its silky smooth former glory. You should dust your doll with talc or cornflour using a powder brush to make her skin appear smooth again. You should also do this after cleansing and drying. For one of the better doll powders available look at Doc Johnson’s Refresh Powder here.


TPE is a soft material. It can get compressed if left in a sitting position or laying on a hard surface for a length of time. Hang your doll with a Mini Sex Doll hanging kit, when leaving your doll unused for more than a few days. This will keep your doll free from compression marks. You can also leave your doll on a soft surface in a neutral position, as explained above.

Dye Transfer

Do not put your love doll on items containing dark-coloured inks, such as newspapers, dark-coloured material, or leather. It can cause staining to your doll, which can, sometimes, be difficult to remove.

Do not clothe your doll in dark clothing as it may cause staining to the material. You should wash dark clothes before deciding if your doll should wear them. This will remove excess manufacturing dyes. We have stain remover that can help to remove staining from Mini Sex Dolls, but it is better not to stain your doll at all. Please contact us if you need stain remover, we don’t have it on the website so we can prioritise our doll customers.


Direct sunlight and heat can degenerate the TPE material so we suggest keeping your doll out of direct sunlight.

Skeleton Care

Each Mini Sex Doll has an internal skeleton. It has several movable joints that allow for real human-style flexibility. They normally make these from stainless steel. This enables your doll to adopt a wide range of poses.

Avoid dropping your doll, or bumping the doll against hard surfaces when moving, which could cause damage. You need to take care when you are carrying your doll not to drop them.

Bathe Your Mini Sex Doll

  • You should clean your doll’s body frequently in a bath or shower as soon as you feel your doll needs an all-over clean. You can use water or a mild soap for cleaning.
  • It is fine to sit your doll in the bath or you can shower with them, but do not let their head or neck become immersed under the water. You should be careful submerging the feet of a doll with standing feet. It is better to not get the feet wet.
  • To wash the doll’s face, gently wipe with a moist cloth. Do not immerse your doll’s head in the water.
  • Use a soft absorbent cloth and pat your Mini Sex Doll dry after cleansing. Microfibre cloths are ideal for Mini Sex Doll cleaning and drying. Air drying a doll is also acceptable.
  • Never use a hairdryer to dry your doll as the heat can affect the skin durability and cause degeneration.
  • After thoroughly drying, apply a light dusting of talc or cornflour to keep the skin soft. We have specific sex toy powders available too.

Orifice Cleansing

  • The vaginal, anal, and oral spaces of the doll should get cleaned each time you have used the doll to avoid the growth of germs, as TPE skin is porous.
  • You should flush the orifice with water using a douche until clean, and water comes out clear.
  • Dry the internal canal thoroughly.
  • When dry, dust with powder inside and out.
  • You could also use a WM Specialised Doll Cleaning Kit, which we have in UK stock for fast delivery.

Removable Vagina Care

  • To insert the removable vagina into the doll, you should apply powder to both the outside of the insert and the inside of the doll’s vaginal cavity. You could also use a small amount of water-based lube.
  • For cleaning the removeable vagina after use, use the above instructions for Orifice Cleaning.

Wig Care

  • To clean your doll’s hair, you should remove the wig from the head of the doll and then wash the wig with a mild shampoo and conditioner. You can use Baby Shampoo or a specialised wig shampoo.
  • Let the wig dry naturally, or for real hair wigs you can use a blow dryer.
  • Carefully brush the wig starting from the ends of the hair and moving upwards to the next section once you have removed the tangles from the section you’ve been working on.
  • You can use a wig stand to assist.

Responsible Mini Sex Doll Use

  • You should not share your love doll with anyone else, to prevent the spreading of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Clean your Mini Sex Doll’s vaginal, anal, and oral orifices regularly and dry thoroughly.
  • We recommend the use of condoms for ease of cleaning.
  • Please use a water-based lubricant when having intercourse with your love doll to prevent tearing or injury from friction.
  • Take notice of the movement range guidelines supplied with your doll.
  • Read the Brochure supplied with your doll which has even more tips and information.
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