Sex Doll 130cm Japanese – Are you suitable to have a sex doll?

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Cute Middle Chested Mini Sex Doll Juliette 130cm 4ft 2

Doll size
·Height:4ft 2 / 130cm
·Weight:44Lbs / 20kg
·Upper bust * waist * hip:24.4in*15.3in*24.4in / 62cm*39cm*62cm
·Hand length:16.1in / 41cm
·Foot length:6.6in / 17cm
·Vagina Depth:7in / 18cm
·Anal depth:4.1in / 10.5cm
·Oral depth:4.9in / 12.5cm


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Are you suitable to have a sex doll? Let’s make a score to test the destiny between you and the doll!

At this moment, I think there must be many people are hesitant to buy physical dolls. The doll is so expensive, spend so much money in the end is good. The doll is so big, how about shelving when it arrives. So so, tangled a big circle or do not know whether to buy a doll or not. Do not rush! It is difficult to make a decision if you are always torn. Whether to buy or not, let’s do a test to see the destiny between you and the doll! Maybe get the test results, you will know what to do.

So, the test begins!
(Full score: 100 points)
① Living environment (total score: 40 points)
Q1. Do you live alone?
A Yes, I live alone. (10 points) B No, I live with my family (5 points)
C I am renting an apartment and have someone living with me. (5 points)

Q2. Do other people usually enter your room?
A Not at all. (10 points) B Yes, occasionally family members come in. (5 points)
C Yes, I often invite people to my house to play. (3 points)

Q3. If you buy a doll, where can you put her when you don’t use it?
A doll storage bench (8 points) B hanging in the cabinet (10 points)
C stand aside (3 points) D can only sleep on the bed (5 points)

Q4. Do you clean often?
A Yes, clean often, I like to be clean. (10 points) B do not clean regularly, but will clean up when I see dirty. (7 points)
C Clean less often. (5 points) D Never clean. (2 points)

② Personal situation (Total score: 60 points)
Q1. Do you like physical dolls? What do you think about dolls needing maintenance and cleaning?
A doll is very beautiful, I like it very much, maintenance and cleaning can enhance the relationship. (10 points)
B I like the doll very much, but I think it is a bit troublesome to maintain and clean. (5 points)
C average, only want to use to solve the sexual desire, other things can give me a break. (2 points)
D maintenance and cleaning of what does not matter, anyway, I do not buy. (0 points)

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Q2. Do you feel lonely in your life?
A I am always alone, and I am immersed in loneliness every day. (10 points)
B I am not alone, but there is a lot of social pressure and I want to have a place to talk about it. (10 points)
C I am not alone, I have a girlfriend or a bedmate. (5 points)
D I have a wife and I give my wife control of all my money. (2 points)

Q3. If you have a physical doll, what do you want to do with the doll?
A I want the doll to accompany me to live together, so that I am no longer alone. (10 points)
B I like photography, I want to buy dolls as models. (10 points)
C I would like to experience fully active sex with a woman with great breasts and a perfect waist. (10 points)
D do not want what, I have too much money, just want to buy some expensive things. (Other questions do not care, direct full points!)

Q4. If you want to buy a physical doll, what is your budget?
A 150,000 yen or more. (8 points) B 100,000-150,000 yen. (10 points)
C 60-100,000 yen. (10 points) D 10-50,000 yen. (2 points)

Q5.What is your age this year?
A 1-17 years old (disqualified from the examination, please leave the examination room immediately) B 18-30 years old (20 points)
C 31-60 years old (20 points) D 100 years old or older (0 points)

Your total score is: ( )!

Score band interpretation.
27-47 points: not quite right. You may not be well prepared to meet your favorite doll, and the doll will affect your original life.
48-68 points: generally suitable. Although the conditions may not have one by one, but for the time being to buy one to add fun to life is not bad.
69-85 points: more suitable. There will be no problem to buy, the doll just need to properly arrange life after the arrival of the home.
86-98 points: very suitable. With your budget and your own conditions, you must be able to spend quality time with your favorite doll and last.
100 points: Perfectly suitable. Your own conditions and the doll is a perfect fit, and with your budget you will be able to buy the most suitable doll in missse, and get the most enjoyment.

Interpretation of the scoring criteria.
①Living environment
Q1. Do you live alone?
If you want to buy a doll, it’s really more convenient to live alone, whether it’s for daily placement, or to carry to the bathroom to clean, etc. You don’t have to worry about being seen by others. Of course, even if you live with family or friends, it is not impossible, but you have to make more effort to avoid the eyes of others.

Q2. Do you usually have other people in your room?
Even if you live alone, there are times when other people come to your house. If you just put the doll in a visible place, even if they don’t think about it, they will be curious and can’t help but to get their hands on the doll, which is something you don’t want to see when you buy a doll.

Q3. If you buy a doll, where can you put her when not in use?
The storage of dolls is very important, the correct storage can greatly extend the life of the doll, reducing the possibility of surface deformation and cracking. The most recommended way to store the doll is to hang the doll from the neck on the horizontal bar. Sleeping on the bed or storage stool for a long time without changing position will make the body deformation of the probability of vocalization greatly increased. And standing for a long time is easy to make the bottom of the doll’s feet cracked.

Q4. Do you often clean?
The TPE skin surface of the doll is a relatively easy to absorb dust material. Frequent cleaning can reduce the dust in the room, you can also better keep the doll’s surface clean. No matter who must not want to do erotic things when the other party is covered in dirty, right.

②Personal situation
Q1. Do you like physical dolls? What do you think about the need to maintain and clean dolls?
After all, dolls are not alive and cannot bathe themselves, so the cleaning of the body can only be done by the user. Not only the daily cleaning, after each time to enjoy sex must also do timely cleaning. After cleaning pat toner and other maintenance work is also essential to maintain the beauty and loveliness of the doll, and even the service life.

Q2. Do you feel lonely in your life?
Solid dolls are the equivalent of doll toys for adults. When we were young we used the doll toy as a playmate. When we grow up, we use the physical doll as a companion. Every person who feels lonely deserves a physical doll of his or her own. She is not only a sexual partner, but also that always quietly listen to their hearts, unconditionally tolerate their own and their own no distance from the intimate person.

Q3. If you have a physical doll, what do you want to do with the doll?
There are many uses for physical dolls, including but not limited to sex, companionship, photography models. Physical dolls can certainly meet these needs perfectly. If you don’t have these needs, but just have money to spend and want to buy something interesting and big to spend, then we certainly won’t object.

Q4. If you want to buy a physical doll, your budget is?
Silicone dolls are expensive, TPE dolls are relatively cheap, I think you know. 10-50,000 yen can not buy any good dolls (except for half-body dolls), more than 150,000 yen is basically a silicone head high height dolls, relatively few people buy. missse’s physical doll price point is mainly concentrated in the 6-15 million yen stage. Factors that affect the price are mainly material, height, figure and customization options. If you want to buy a physical doll, a budget of 60,000-150,000 yen is very sufficient here at missse.

Q5. What is your age this year?
If you are under 18, get off this site! Don’t buy physical dolls for kids whose bodies are still developing! Go and enjoy your youth!

How is it? After getting the test results. Have you made up your mind to buy or not to buy? We are looking forward to seeing you choose and buy your favorite doll at missse!

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