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Speaking of sex culture festivals, perhaps Otakus comes out because every year a variety of sexual goods attracts many people. What artificial intelligence love dolls, blind condoms, remote love artifacts, etc.. Make you put them down, I do not know if these replace the girlfriend Are the supplies suitable for your taste?






















In the exhibition hall of Sex Culture Festival, in addition to the “Sexy Lingerie Show” and the “AV Actress” in front of the stage, the crowd was crowded in front of the stage of a doll stand for physical love. It is reported that this is the first time that an intelligent girlfriend with 1: 1 simulation is exhibited in China. According to the retailer, the company’s girlfriend can achieve “local temperature control”, “simple dialogue”, “intelligent hand and foot capture” and even “full body adjustment based on the appearance of the star”.

Well, it feels a lot like it.” A middle-aged uncle pressed the face of a firm silicone doll, bumped his thigh twice, and told his friends around him. Sales staff said that the quality of products throughout the industry is constantly improving, and they are looking for realism. With the gradual opening of the modern concept of human nature, luxury love dolls have ushered in a better market. Due to the market response, many can also accept high-priced customized products.

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