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Recent scientific research on sexuality has concluded that the relationship between the sexes is an important topic, so it is necessary to understand the differences and sensitivities of the opposite sex’s body when engaging in sexual communication.

How to do it
Abdomen and belly button  
In the male abdomen, there is an area under the belly button, which is a sensitive area for men. During sex, you can try to attack this part of the male without his guard, and it will definitely bring him male joy and pleasure.

Mouth and tongue  
The usual kissing and passionate kissing, is very easy to burn up the fire of sexual desire. The face and mouth is also a very sensitive area for men. Tongue mucous membrane to the external delicate fleshy stimulation, such as tongue, penis (homosexuals), etc. is very sensitive, but also can provoke the sexual impulse. Therefore, lightly licking the tip of a man’s tongue will also stimulate his sexual desire.

The rib area under the armpit  
Men’s armpits and then down to the side of the waist rib area, is to stimulate sexual excitement; then the soles of the feet and toes nerve endings collection, after stroking scratching, will also have a tide of desire rippling pleasure.

Femoral skin and anus  
Stock skin is delicate, soft, hairless, as long as you gently touch, you can stimulate sexual desire, sexual impulse. Gently stroking will make the two more intimate yo.

The neck is a very sensitive part to sexual stimulation. Dr. Bremer said, “Stimulating the neck can send signals to the body’s circulatory system and promote blood circulation.

The penile tether is the most sensual area for men. The scrotum is rich in vascular nerves and is sensitive to subtle external stimuli, and contact with delicate objects or flesh can cause penile engorgement and erection.

Dorsum of the neck
This area is full of nerve endings that can launch erotic signals to the brain. Kiss and massage this area or exhale warm breath towards it to express love and mobilize lust.

The area from the pubic bone to the anus and near the thighs is covered with nerve endings. The most sensitive spot is just below the scrotum, so try caressing this area gently.

You can say love words close to the man’s ear, you can touch and nibble on the man’s earlobe to give him a different kind of sexual stimulation yo.

Wrapped around the testicles of the scrotum area is very soft, covered with nerve endings, very sensitive to sexual stimulation.

Inner thighs
This area can withstand relatively more intense “stimulation”, you can touch, rub or finger nails gently across the inner thighs of men. This can stimulate the sexual interest of men.

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