See How His TPE Real Mini Sex Doll Will Be Unusable

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For “X Doll”, he will see in a few weeks how his TPE real Mini Sex Doll will be unusable. He needs 20 customers to make the doll profitable, and 20 people who don’t know how to handle the doll (this has made you don’t want to be a 21-year-old), this is risky, this is not a 100 euro deposit once, one People beat it and beat it, fingers, especially a helmet.

You can’t see, all of a sudden, this is nonsense. After 20 people, there must be a crack in the orifice, which cannot be represented! On WM, they can make 140 angels appear on the website without anyone … But the Chinese do not have much legal concept. Selling their uses brought WM, but after renting out, it was also profitable for them due to rotation, just like prostitution, which bothered me.

But to be sure, for me (and most forum members I think), real Mini Sex Dolls are more than a simple sex toy. At a sanitary level, they are interested in flawless washing. A working colleague told me these famous Mini Sex Dolls, which caused my curiosity.

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