Secretion Will Affect Japanese Mini Sex Dolls

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Sexual addiction: A study shows a link to oxytocin, which is the “hormone of happiness”. Swedish researchers want to determine the impact of oxytocin on the development of sexual desire disorders. According to them, the secretion of “happy hormones” will have an impact on Japanese Mini Sex Dolls.

Sexual desire is permanent: According to Researcher Florence Thibaut, excess sexual desire is a disease that affects 3% to 6% of the population. Prior to this, the origin of these diseases was unknown. In a study published Sunday in the scientific journal Epigenetics, researchers from the universities of Uppsala, Umeå and Zurich, and the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm are studying the issue Possible link between DNA methylation. This barbaric word refers to the process that determines gene expression and function.

Two groups were initially formed: 60 people with sexual dysfunction and 33 accessible volunteers. According to the Japanese Mini Sex Doll, doctors in the field of neuroscience completed an analysis of 107 researchers in a second group, including 24 alcoholics.

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