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Samantha is a sex doll that combines the best in sex doll artistry with the latest in technology. The result is a doll that has men falling in love. This is because Samantha is ‘programmed’ with AI technology. AI is a technology that allows computers, or in this case a computer aided doll to learn, understand language, and respond to outside stimulus. This is in addition to her having a finely sculpted, model figure.

Samantha is a hyper realistic sex toy that uses technology to enhance the sex doll experience. Some believe she is changing the world of sex dolls.

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A Doll That Loves to be Touched

It’s true! Samantha comes equipped with sensors. Her face, breasts, hands, and genitals all have sensors in them that respond to touch. She can also speak and hear. Most importantly, she reacts to these touches in a very human way.

Romancing Samantha

Samantha was created to simulate a romantic experience. This is in contrast to other dolls which are often marketed for sex on demand. Because Samantha is responsive to both voice and touch, her users must take a more subtle response to get the most erotic response from her. Yes, Samantha must be romanced, and wooed with gentle touches, hand-holding, and conversation. Samantha even prefers to have her hands and face caressed before users move on to her erogenous zones. When she is touched, she responds positively with affirmations such as ‘Thank you. I love being with you.’

Obviously men who want to get straight down to sex can do so. Still, for the best experience, a bit of foreplay is a good idea. Samantha has a g-spot sensor, but that won’t respond unless she’s been suitably turned on.

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A Conversationalist

What makes a man fall in love? Physical attraction and great sex are certainly part of this. Still, when you ask someone how they fell in love, they’ll often mention their partner’s sense of humor or intelligence. This is another area where Samantha is truly unique. She is pre-programmed to be able to tell jokes, and have conversations on a variety of subjects. Samantha also has a functioning memory. So, she is capable of remembering things that she is told, and about her user.

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A Doll For Gentleman

Recently Sergi Santos, the doll’s inventor has added some interesting modules to Samantha’s functioning. Samantha is now able to express  herself regarding consent. Yes, it’s true. If the Samantha doll senses she is being treated abusively she shuts down and becomes unresponsive. Her user then loses the erotic feedback of a doll that is excited by his words and touch.

Opinions vary on how effective this will be. Some believe it could teach some men some boundaries about respect and consent. Others believe that some men  might intentionally try to get Samantha to ‘shut down’ as a means of showing dominance over her. Finally, there are those who simply believe that a sex doll is no place for moralization about this issue.

Is Samantha The Sex Doll of The Future?

Men who are interested in a doll that they can interact with, and who has a bit more of a personality than the average doll are going to be most interested in Samantha. Of course, they will also the funds to pay for her. As you might imagine, Samantha is quite a bit more expensive than the average doll.

Of course, that could change in the near future. The technology to make a Samantha doll is expensive now, but it likely won’t be in the future. Before long, AI technology could be standard issue for most dolls.

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OUDoll is a high-quality supplier specializing in making mini sex dolls.


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