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Some of these toys are successful and others are not for sale. In 2009 launched a silicone Realdoll equipment – which is associated with a male porn video equipment, real-time experience in imitation of the performer on the screen. According to the comments of Science and Technology News website, this experience is very realistic.

First Real Love Dolls and other heavy now humanoid forms, sex doll weigh 47 kg, can not support this weight. Sex robots must not only stand up, but also be able to move and position the limbs independently. This is not an easy task. Robotics experts are still striving to reproduce smooth human movements.

Robots also need realistic skin, and silicone must be kept clean. A copy of irregular not only in human skin, but also the feel, flexibility and comfort, stretch and color, but also very difficult. Last October, researchers in Singapore announced that they had developed an artificial skin that could feel the pressure. When people talk about sex robots, they often say that robots use the form of humanoid robots.








Sex dolls robots and artificial intelligence dolls influence the economic, social and personal organizations of the industrialized industrial economy. It’s not just in the United States. The second academic conference on love and sex robots will be held in Malaysia in November 2015. The 2nd International Conference on Robotic Love and Sex will be held in 2016.

These are all interesting and difficult technical problems. Someone is taking care of all these problems separately. But in fact, create a convincing robot needs a large team that is full of engineers, robotics, adult love doll designers, computer scientists, and so on. They are not simple enough for a genius.

Sex robots are real love dolls for sex TPE, not equipment, but more complex prospects. An official reporter common part of the legal and technical said, “The sex robot together to bring a number of areas of nanotechnology must reproduce uneven skin texture and natural language artificial language understanding.” Description. To make a truly satisfactory sex robot, a lot of technical engineering is required, from the skin to the hinges to the battery life and internal processor.

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