Replace The Human Relationship Japanese Mini Sex Doll

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The doctor said: “I think one of the reasons for the lack of interest in robotic sexual behavior is that people (regardless of gender and sexual orientation) often satisfy sexual needs through sexual behavior, such as feeling craving, effectiveness, performance or being loved.

Although sex robots used to be the subject of science fiction movies, they have now become a reality. Now, experts predict that in just over 30 years, sex robots may become so popular that they can completely replace interpersonal relationships.

Although the manufacturer tried to show that the doll’s breasts were small, indicating that it was an adult, the rise of small robots did give an alarm. In another video posted to YouTube, the company demonstrated two main features of the robot. First of all, it can speak up to 40 languages, perfect for those who need help and may not speak the local language.

Have you ever wanted your assistant to be more suitable for your chat? The answer may be the robot of a technology company Mini Sex Doll. In addition to providing you with a more user-friendly way of talking to your computer, robots also have the advantage of being able to perform, and the assistants have been working hard.

But for me, it looks too much like a child, I ask the people who sell it. I said, “Is that a children’s doll?” My direct answer is ‘this is wrong’. “Cost can be a problem – they won’t publish a price list because each Mini Sex Doll robot is different. But this device is likely to be available at home one day.

The silicone doll robot projects live video onto the face using a small projector mounted inside the head. When you chat with artificial intelligence, all of this brings a more personal experience.

To use a sex toy, the user must use a water-based lubricant to insert his penis into a body-like device. Couples who are already in a relationship may benefit because robots can make people “fantasy” or “addictive” in ways that their partners are not interested in.

She can tell jokes and not accidentally enter sex mode. Smart dolls are charged via a USB cable and interact through artificial intelligence. Robot Gender: Social and ethical impacts were released last month.

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