Reasons to quickly fall in love with sex dolls during the epidemic

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The new crown virus is still going on. Is it safe to buy love dolls, then we worry about some problems.

1. First, due to the restrictions of the epidemic, you cannot go out and you cannot go out anywhere. Concert? cancel. Soccer? cancel. Party? cancel. nightclub? cancel. I don’t even recommend that you hang out on the street and meet strangers who know where they’ve been or who’s sneezing. Public events are closed and people will not go to cafes or malls. So what are you doing at home? Of course, have fun with their sex dolls!

Accompanied by all this – after a hard day’s work, going from one shop to another in search of toilet paper, you just want to return to a house that listens to your friends. A friend who can help you relieve the accumulated stress. The only benefit of all these activities outside of social activities is that you now have a good excuse not to pick up your partner from the airport.

2. Had to isolate at home for 14 days
It doesn’t necessarily have to be home isolation, or most people are isolated right on the spot. This is because you either went somewhere you weren’t supposed to go or spoke to someone who was later found to be ill (the health officer called them) and who told you that you were just need to be quarantined for 14 days case. Damn, what are you doing for a fortnight? That was two weeks you spent alone. It was solitary confinement, it was torture! If you only have one company, you can be mistaken for one person. After all, you may not have it at all and your own room may have been completely sane for two weeks. if…. If you have a sex doll! For a key person there, those who didn’t manage to avoid the virus…if unfortunately you’re infected with the virus yourself…and want to have sex…then there’s none left. There are many people who jump out of bed with you… but a sex doll… she doesn’t mind if you get infected with the virus – she’s healthy and really fascinated by you, no coronavirus can stop her jumping out of bed and you together, how about the promise?

3. Sex dolls don’t mind if you do anything
The dolls not only make people feel caring and attentive, but they don’t mind seeing you with their nose and cold eyes because they never judge! They don’t mind if you drink soup, and they certainly won’t make fun of you and call it human flu. They just like to wait for you to recover and she won’t use your toilet paper.

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