realistic dolls Our online sex doll market is still relatively small

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It was a boy loitering whistling and sneaking up and looking around. When he finally got a glimpse of the store’s love dolls, the whistling stopped abruptly, the whistling round mouth still half open. Eventually, the guy bought a box of condoms for $9.60, and when Wen Jingfeng was happy, he ran to the bun shop next door and bought a drawer of buns to celebrate, but it cost him $10.00. What followed was another door-to-door period.

According to data from the Jingdong Big Data Institute, in 2019 China’s online male sex doll products market scale reached 38.92 billion yuan, and by 2020, this scale exceeded 60 billion yuan, an annual growth rate of more than 50%, this data proves the rapid development of the online adult products industry, and the online “power” also successfully push the development of the offline industry.

The current paradoxical situation of domestic lifelike sex dolls is that many companies keep getting funding and are even listed on the New Third Board, but no company’s products stand out. In 2012, one of the largest OEM companies in China, Love Couple Health, received a joint investment from Shenzhen Venture Capital and Lianchuang Capital.


In September of the same year, Love Lovers completed its first financing; in May 2014, Chun Shui Tang announced the closing of a RMB 20 million Series A financing; in March 2015, it received $35 million in Series B funding and initiated a further $34 million in pre-listing funding; in August, He Fun also claimed to have received tens of millions of dollars in Series B funding.

There are six domestic adult entertainment companies including Wandeford, Nosy Technology, Love Lovers, He Fun, Peach Blossom and Chun Shui Tang that landed on the New Third Board. But compared to the glossy surface of these companies, they haven’t launched high quality and distinctive products. It is easy to find, from several listed adult products companies, they all have one thing in common: focus on product sales, ignore or not on product development and production, but the value chain of adult products is mainly in the hands of the high-end brand manufacturers concentrated.

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