RealDoll 2 vs RealDoll Classic

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A Closer Look at the RealDoll 2 vs RealDoll Classic

When it comes to realistic sex dolls, the RealDoll is considered the industry gold standard to beat for some excellent reasons. Premium materials, beautiful design details, and an impeccably lifelike user experience ensure intimate play with an authentic RealDoll is nearly as thrilling as the real thing. In fact, as any long-time RealDoll enthusiast can tell you, it’s hard to imagine any sex doll experience ever topping that.
























However, now there’s a new doll option to consider – the RealDoll 2. The RealDoll 2 was designed to take everything the original RealDolls were and elevate it to new heights. But does it actually deliver? What makes the RealDoll 2 so special, and what else can doll lovers look forward to from the RealDoll brand in the future?

The RealDoll Classic vs. the RealDoll 2

Naturally, people who buy Dolls in the market will first notice that the difference between the original realdoll and realdoll 2 is the price point. Although both dolls represent a significant investment in your intimate life, realdoll 2 will make your bank account thousands of dollars lighter than realdoll.
However, you will also upgrade your experience to a truly incredible level. The following is a brief analysis of how realdoll 2 improves on the high standards set by the original realdoll.

  • It’s lighter, thanks to a soft silicone foam core, so it’s easier to move, pose, and play with.
  • The skin features new texturing that makes it feel even more lifelike.
  • The body of a RealDoll 2 is significantly more durable.
  • It’s customizable on an entirely new level. Think removable inserts, interchangeable faces, and so much more.
  • It features softer, more realistic breasts and buttocks.
  • It comes with access to a next-level customer support team.

Now let’s take a closer look at what realdoll 2 really gets in terms of the ideal doll experience most doll owners fantasize about.

Absolutely Stunning Skin

There are many realistic sex dolls on the market, which is quite good in terms of user experience, but the quality of skin destroys this illusion. Real natural synthetic skin is difficult to achieve. Although many high-end brands are very close, it is still not in line with life.
The original realdoll’s skin has been very close to the skin of natural people, but realdoll 2 even blew this golden standard to the surface of the water. Realdoll 2’s skin is not just smooth and silky. It vibrates, stretches and reacts in much the same way as human skin. In fact, most owners of realdoll 2 swear that they sometimes can’t distinguish from real human skin.

Unbeatable Durability

The combination of solid metal frame and soft and delicate synthetic skin will often cause great wear and tear to a standard realistic sex doll if the owner is not careful. (this is even the case with the original realdoll.) Joints can be too tight to handle, especially when you’re playing with dolls. Fingers, in particular, can be super fragile and easily damaged or broken.
Realdoll enthusiasts will be happy to know that the design of realdoll 2 solves all these problems. Joints are significantly more flexible and easier to operate. Moreover, the fingers not only feel more realistic and bend more easily, but also the doll owner doesn’t have to worry that the sharp metal frame below will eventually pierce the skin.

Hyper-Realistic Openings

Naturally, when it comes to the whole user experience, the authenticity of the doll’s opening is crucial. One aspect of having sex with dolls is difficult to do well, that is, when you insert a human female’s vagina, mouth or anus, it will create a delicious vacuum. Many doll models are very close, especially the original realdoll, but realdoll 2 shows it perfectly.
Every detail here is not only anatomically correct, but also has a shocking sense of pleasure in all aspects. Because you can choose from a variety of detachable vaginal plug-ins, you can customize your experience to exactly follow your preferences. This also makes maintenance and cleaning easy.

What’s Next for RealDoll?

If you think you’re excited about the incredible experience realdoll 2 brings, wait and listen to realdoll X. Realdoll X has amazing AI driven technology that allows the doll to speak, have real facial expressions, and even react sexually to you when you enjoy the experience with her.
These incredible features are that you are enjoying benefits beyond the iconic features of realdoll, such as gorgeous face, velvet real skin and juicy opening. You can’t wait to experience it again and again. Are you ready for the next generation of realdoll magic?

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