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This love doll is different from other real dolls. The top of the gauge is a silicone head, and the technology with waxy silicone head makes it look like a real person, like hairstyles and eyelashes. In short, it is real and beautiful. The rice blend yarn of Germany and Russia is not exactly the same as the real person, but in the world of love dolls, this is a very high level. In Germany, the combination of these two materials was still a mixture of Germany and Russia. Real doll.








From the outside, of course, the rice yarn is very valuable. From a practical point of view, the mixed rice of Germany and Russia is a real love doll, realistic enough to give a real and beautiful feeling. Since then, in the center of the bachelor’s degree was always a voice coming from the heart. If you can’t find a woman to remarry, talk to a real model doll. Don’t say in real life that middle-aged men choose to live with physical love dolls without life. They think they are a silent lover. In the eyes, the love doll can also be a very pure companion doll.

High quality love dolls

No wonder many people care a lot about the physical sex doll, because the love doll is not only beautiful, but also realistic. For many people who need to be up to date, like this real model doll, the impression of the body doll is just a sexual tool, and the value of High quality love dolls is worth an appointment. In addition, there are many love dolls that say the doll is the partner of the needy person, but there are more real dolls that are very realistic, pay more attention to the devil and ignore the realism of the love doll. Finally, emphasize the mystery of the brand. Tell lonely people that they will have no more loneliness as long as they have sex dolls …

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